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I know, it is hard to believe …but let me send you a “taste” of my pattern in your email. It’s FREE and it will give you a pretty good idea for what I was shot : (

I’ve combined for you a few chapters of my book in a short document that will blow your mind away.

Sample Chapter #1: “How To Create A Winning Ticket”
Sample Chapter #2: How I Play”

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This is the bullet that the doctors took off his foot. Now it has become his lucky talisman.



This incredible story is narrated by the victim himself: Larry Blair. To hear it in audio click the play button:

"They Kept Asking Me:
"How The Heck Did You Do It? What’s Your Secret For Winning The Lottery? Tell Us Or We’ll Kill You…"
…I Managed To Escape But I Got Shot In The Left Foot"

Here is the robot portrait of one of the aggressors. it’s the same picture that was presented to the police. They were never apprehended...

“ Everything happened so quickly … I was walking out in the parking site of the mall when suddenly I was attacked by two masked guys. it’s a very strange sensation to know that you have a gun at your head. At first I didn’t know what they wanted from me. I told them to search my pockets and to take all the money. But they wanted something else … THEY WANTED THE SECRET that made me win the lottery three times in a row and a few times before.

They Would Have Killed Me If I Didn’t
Tell Them My Lottery Secret…

What in the world should I tell them … and how can I tell them how I win the lottery with a gun pointed at my head. I clacked, and I swear to God that I acted purely on my instincts. I stumbled and told them that I need at least a half an hour, a pen, a sheet of paper and some silence so I can teach them how to win the lottery consistently .

In that moment they decided to put me into their car and kidnapped me. God DOES exist, and exactly in that moment an ambulance came into the parking lot with its lights flashing. The bandits thought it was the police and wanted to hide. It was the moment when I ran...and I ran very fast although I’ m 42 years old. Bang!!! A firearm knocked in my ears … I felt the bullet in my left foot but I still was able to run. I finally managed to get in the street and ask for help. The rest is history …

Although cracking the lottery code has changed my life … nothing else matters when you have a gun pointed to your head and you realize that in the next minute you might be dead.

All you think about is your wife and children …


I Decided To Thank GOD For Saving Me By
Donating A Lot Of Money To Charity

After this experience I realized that life is by far the most precious thing we have … and money should never be put in first place … although it is good to have it.

At that moment (two years ago), I had already won around $3,500,000 total. All this money was made by winning the lottery five times in two short months. The last three times, I won in a row, and I was on the front page of all the local news papers. This “ fame” surely almost got me killed.

I donated $ 1 million to a foundation that finances libraries in third world countries. As I am a professor, I know how important it i s to have a proper education. This way those people at least will have hope.
I swore in front of GOD and kept my promise.

Here I am, handing the check...


Can Anyone Win The Lottery? ...Or How Did
I Manage To "Kill" The Lottery 5 Out Of 10 Times?

Well … if I would have been asked this question ten years ago, I would have said that “ NO! It’ s impossible to win so often” … but after I spent eight years in developing a system that is guaranteed to win 5 out of 10 times … now my answer will be: “ YES, anyone can win the lottery if you know how to play”.

You see … I’ m a mathematics professor, and I’ ve been passionate about figures since I was young. I admit … I also like to have money, tons of it, because I was raised in a poor family and never got the chance to drive a sporty car or to live in a fancy house until I won the lottery. These two characteristics combined (loving money and mathematics) have transformed me into an addicted lotto player.

After playing years without any luck … I was so intrigued with the probability process that I started to study the archive of the numbers extracted from any lottery I could find. It was a gigantic work … at that time the internet was not so advanced … They didn’ t have many websites or search engines, and I had to search through physical files manually without any tool …

My wife took a picture of my work room at that time...


I was searching for a lotto PATTERN…

This huge work took about eight years. It didn’t matter too much to me. I had the time of my life because I was playing with numbers. After countless failed “ revelations” and endless testing … on a beautiful day in April, I decided to give another shot to my latest discovery. I played a simple ticket that cost me $5.

Bang!!! The next weekend hit me with the best news of my life: I WON $200,000 in cold cash! I hit all 6 numbers. It wasn’t a lot of money in game that week .  Here’ s my first check:


From that point on, it was a piece of cake … the lotto pattern was discovered. I knew I would never need to worry about money again. My secret was making me money like crazy. After another  two weeks …

BANG!!! … Another $125,000 prize won again. As you can see … I didn’t win every single time, but it didn’ t matter. I had enough money and time to perfect my FORMULA even more.

I already had the winner’s platform, and it was only a matter of time until I hit the big Jackpot.

$1,000,000 JACKPOT on MAY 2007

… and for the next three weeks, I was the only person who won the big prize. It wasn’ t possible to be accused of something because everyone knew that it’ s impossible to cheat the lottery. I was in the front page of the local newspapers, and the money was floating into my accounts.


How "The Lottery Black Book"
System Works?

Step #1

* Get yourself a notebook only for the lottery. Establish the lotto game that you want to play and track down the winning numbers exactly how I teach you in my book.

Step #2
* After you have all the winning numbers, apply this simple FORMULA (find it in my book) that gives you the 48. 7% chance of winning every time we play.

Step #3
* Wait for the results and see how it worked. If you win, go and take your prize. I repeat, there’ s a big chance to win the very first time … but it can happen that you may not win. Don’ t despair … I told you that the efficiency of my FORMULA can be seen within just a few weeks.

Step #4
* If you win, repeat the process over and over again. If you don’ t win … be patient and play again. It’ s more of a “ When” situation instead of an “ IF” .

Step #5
* Don’ t share your information with anyone else. Think what would happen if all the players have the secret key …

Extra steps (recommended by me):

Step #6
* After you WIN, be careful to keep a low profile. There are a lot of desperate people, especially with this crisis, who will do anything for your money.

Step #7

* Make a donation. This way you’ll be achieving peace of mind. It feels good … Don’ t be greedy!


As Al Pacino Said In "Devil’s Advocate":
"VANITY…is definitely my favorite sin"…

It’ s true … the same thing happened to me, and I couldn’ t help myself from all the things that I’ ve dreamt of when I was young:

I bought a big house …
I bought two sports cars and an Escalade for my wife …
I traveled the world …
I watched my relatives “ dying” to know my secrets, and suddenly I became for them a very interesting guy.

You should try these feelings … It feels great to know that you are out of debt for the rest of your life, that you don’ t need to worry again about money, and you can do anything you like … go anywhere you want without thinking that the loan rate is coming back to haunt you or that your children don’ t have money for college.

I Was Greedy – I ADMIT

Not necessarily for the money … but more for the “fame” and this was about to cost me my life. This part you already know and I will skip it …

What’ s more interesting is the fact that even if I’ m the guy who has cracked the lottery code … this does not necessarily mean I’ m the smartest lottery player … (useless fame).


People Who Are Applying My Teachings Have
Gotten Rich Without Any Troubles

...Because they weren’ t stupid like me. They do not share their identity with others and they maintain a low profile.

Since I wasn’ t competing with anyone in this “ money” war, I said to myself i t won’ t be a crime to share my methods (or a taste of them) with other people.

Most of them are my friends, but there are some people who came directly to me, and I taught them exactly what they need to do to “kill” the lottery. You’ ll laugh but...

Winning The Lottery Is Not ROCKET–Science.
Anyone can do it.

People who have tried my system are not scientists or professors. In fact, all you need is a pen, a sheet of paper and my technique. It really is that simple …

I know that it is hard to believe but convince yourself by reading the success stories below. They have come from regular people like you who insisted on sharing their personal experiences with me. I will attach the pictures but for obvious reasons, I will protect their identity:

$37, 000 After 2 Weeks. Not Bad!"

“Dear Larry,
I won!!!! Can you believe that I've won 37 grand in my second week? It was incredible, and I couldn’ t believe my eyes. My lucky numbers were 5, 35, 37, 27, 46. I missed the sixth one. I used 48 and it was 42. Although I was very skeptical with your methods at first, I must say that your system rocks. My salary never exceeded 3 k/month. Now, in 2 weeks I’ ve won my salary for a year. Thanks, man!
p.s - wait and see my first million :)”

Steve & Virginia W.


“ $100,000 Only In February”

“ Larry, Thanks to your system, I managed to give up my day job. Now all day long I’m preparing for the weekend lotto drawings. This is the big prize I won. Sometimes I get a couple of thousand, sometimes hundreds … but one thing is for sure: I won almost every time.”

Alain M*****


“ Amazing! $553,000.00 Plus 5 Numbers
in 3 Out o f 5 Draws!”

“ Larry,I was shocked to see that had I invested in your system earlier, in September my girlfriend and I would have close to $553,000 CDN. We would have had 5 numbers come up in the 3 of the 5 weekend draws of that month. That’s huge money for me, my friend and I won’t lose another chance.”

Jack S


And other pictures with happy people…

I realized that I feel very good knowing
that I can make other people happy…

In this short period of time since I've shared my winning formula with others, I realized that people do not necessarily want to get rich as much as they want to get out of debt. I’ ve received tens of thank you letters from people from all over the world and first they thank me because my simple lotto system has changed their lives.

I decided to publish all my secrets in a book…

Knowing that my system can be easily applied to any lottery anywhere in the world … I said to myself : “ Since we’ re not competing with each other, why shouldn’ t I write a book that reveals all my secrets?”.

I had a few reasons for doing this:

#1: I will change many people’ s lives by giving them the possibility to taste life differently, getting them out of debts and even getting them rich.

#2: I want a personal revenge on LOTTERIES, because I know how they rip people off and how they take huge commissions each time there’ s an extraction. Search for their head office and you’ ll see what luxury they have created from our money.

#3: Sharing my secrets (in a limited number) will keep me out of trouble and hopefully the bad guys will find my book, take my secrets, and they won’ t attack me anymore.


It wasn’t easy…First, I was banned

Starting with the idea of publishing my winning methods in a book, I went to a publisher an explained to him exactly as I have explained to you what I wanted to do.

After listening to what I had to say, very politely, the general manager told me that it wa s impossible for them to publish my book because if my methods are really working (and they DO work … as you can see in the examples above), I would be responsible for creating many millions of dollars … and again the winners may be exposed to the same attacks that I’ ve been exposed to. “This is such BS,” I said. I couldn't believe my ears …

I tried again, and again, and again!

… Nothing seemed to work. From all the publishers I received almost the same response.
I was going mad. “ What kind of a country is this ?” I yelled.


I decided to go online and spread my
book over the internet

YES. My book is now in electronic format. I wrapped up all you need to know for “ killing” the lottery. It’ s been written by me Larry L**** in plain English so anyone can apply and learn from my teachings.

It has the advantages that it can be ordered online and downloaded almost instantly. The book layout is very easy to print, and you’ ll have the hard copy in less than half an hour.

This was the birth of “ The Lottery Black Book

After all, I think it’s better this way than having it in libraries. So...

You Won’t Find "The Lottery Black Book"
In Libraries

...There's a catch tough...

It’ s very obvious that I must sell only a limited number of copies of “ The Lottery Black Book” . Think what would happen if this book became a best seller and it millions of copies were sold!

Thousands of people would have competed for the same prize on each extraction. This way the prizes would have gotten lower and who knows what restrictions the lotteries would place.

It’ s better this way … I will sell only 1,000 copies of my ebook. The price is $96.83 per copy.

This is peanuts, considering what you’ll win. After these 1,000 copies are sold, this ebook will be erased and never revealed again. Moreover, since I’m not in need of money, all the money that will be raised from here will be donated to build other libraries.

If you want a copy, YOU can reserve it HERE

To sweeten the pot and make it even more impossible to refuse I'll come with a:


Invest Only $96.83––>If Not Satisfied––> Get:


What does this mean? … Buy the ebook right now, read each word I’ve presented to you and then start to apply my teachings. Allow a few weeks (2 - 3) to modulate your game , and after that see your winnings skyrocket!

If within these 60 days you don’t win at least once a fat check … send me proof that you’ve used my system, and Clickbank (our payment processor) will automatically refund your purchase PLUS I will personally Paypal you an extra $100...

Needless to say, you can get a regular refund from Clickbank anytime within these 60 days - no questions asked, no hassles...

As you can see, your investment is totally safe and you have nothing to lose … you can even double your investment.



That will be all for the moment.

Good luck and God Bless you.

You can alway contact me here:

Larry B
Luckylarryblair (at)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Frequently Asked Questions
"You Asked, I Answered"

Since this letter was posted, it has been read by thousands of people. Most of them had some questions to ask me. I thought it would be wise to put the answers here so anyone can read them without losing time writing me and waiting for the reply (although I do answer very fast):

"How Do I Know That Your System Is Working For Me? " – Marc M.

Since my winning system has been tested over and over again with great success in 99% of the countries where the lotto is played, I do no t see any reason why it won’t work for you. Unless you’re living in a forgotten hard-to-spell country in Africa. … you don’ t need to worry. The mathematics is the same everywhere. Click on the link below to see a complete list with the countries where my system has been proven to work:

Here’s the list of countries where you
can win (99% of the planet)

"How Can You Guarantee My Success?"
–Johanna S.

It i s only a matter of days or weeks until you will start winning tens of thousands of dollars or even millions. I’m not God so I don’t know exactly when … but I do know that it’ s going to happen. Unless you’re the unluckiest person alive, you don’t need to worry. Do exactly what I teach you to do and the sky is the limit!

After all, what are you going to lose compared with how much you have to gain? You are still playing randomly, aren’t you? You’ re still picking your numbers without any logic or directions, aren’t you? You’re still thinking that “the luck factor” is the only thing that can get you the big prize, aren’ t you?

"How Much Do I Have To Spend For Winning The Big Prize?"– Frank P.

You won’t change the way you play. If in the past you played small tickets, then you can use the same system. It doesn’ t matter too much. It’s true that if you’re after regular winnings more quickly, you need to spend a little bit more. In conclusion, there’s no fixed amount to play. You decide how much you’re willing to spend.

"What Do I Need To Have (or know) To Implement Your Techniques?"–Richard B.

The basic requirements are a pen, a sheet of paper, and a thorough reading of my ebook. That’s all you need for starting to win consistently, time after time, until you hit the jackpot. Also, you don’t need to be a sophisticated player who is using fancy formulas. The system was designed and developed with the picture of the “average guy” in mind: the guy who is spending a few bucks every week hoping that someday he will take the JACKPOT!

Now you’re really close to your first big achievement: hitting the multi- million-dollar jackpot. What is stopping you from starting right now?

"What Exactly Is "The Lottery Black Book ?"– Kelly G.

"The Lottery Black Book" Is…

A simple lotto system that can be played by anyone in any country with minimum money to invest

The first and still the only proven method that can make you a winner 5 out of 10 times
A step–by–step plan, so easy to understand and apply that even a 7 year–old kid can do it.
Your ticket to a new life full of happiness and joy.
Praised in hundreds of thank you letters I received from people all over the world.

"The Lottery Black Book" Is NOT…

The system that you read today and win tomorrow (although if the "luck" factors interfears you might win). Please allow at least 2 weeks to see its effectiveness ( can find more details in my book)

Fancy and it’s not using laborious lotto formulas. All of the strategies are explained in plain English and all you need is a pen and a sheet of paper
For skeptical people and for guys who are thinking that LUCK is the only thing you need to consider when playing lotto

"How Many Copies of Your Book Are Still Available?" – Jack W.

I have just checked today and there are 134 copies available. I think this will vanish in a day or two. If you’re committed to give it a try, why don’t you purchase a copy right now?


"How DO I Know That My Order Transaction Is Secure?"– Morani G.

We use the most advanced ssl protection. That means your transaction is 100% safe. Moreover, the transaction is made through, one of the largest online retailers.


Click Here To Order One Of The 134 Copies
Available And Win The Big Prize Within A Month


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Publisher’s Note:

This interview was possible thanks to the willingness of the author of “ The Lottery Black Book” himself, Larry B****. All the content above is copyrighted to In order to protect the identity of the people involved in this article, we ha ve printed some scrambled links, names and locations. We hope you understand.


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